09.06.2015 Review on early floral patterning in COGD

The paper can be found at this link.[more]

29.09.2014 Prasads paper on SUB and QKY in vivo interaction at PD is out in Development!

Prasads hard work finally paid off! The paper can be accessed at Development.[more]

09.09.2014 Welcome to Jin Gao. She just joined the lab as a new PhD student!

All the best to Jin Gao, out of Northwest A&E University, Yangling, China. She just joined the lab as a PhD student and will work on planar growth control mediated by UNICORN. [more]

26.03.2014 A warm welcome to Ajeet, a new PhD student in the lab.

Ajeet Chaudhary, out of ICGEB, New Delhi, India, just joined the lab as a PhD student. He will work on SUB and QKY-related signal transduction. We wish him all the best. [more]

09.01.2014 Methods paper on in situ hybridzation on sectional floral tissue. Collaboration between Schneitz and Lohmann labs.

This methods paper describes in great detail how to perform nonradioactive in situ hybridization on sectioned floral tissue. The paper can be found on Springers website.[more]

01.02.2013 New paper on SUB signaling out.

The work of Lynette and Prasad continues to bear fruit! In this paper we can show that DOQ represents ANGUSTIFOLIA and is part of the SUB signaling pathway. Both proteins may interact directly at the plasma membrane. This was...[more]

02.01.2013 Another UCN paper out. This time in BMC PB.

Balaji's second paper on the AGC protein kinase UCN is out. This time in BMC Plant Biology. The paper deals with a further genetic characterization of UCN and how it suppresses ectopic growth and maintains planar growth. The...[more]

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