06.09.2017 Another warm welcome! This time to Rachele Tofanelli

We are excited to have a new lab member: PhD-student Rachele Tofanelli joins us from the University of Padua, Italy. [more]

11.07.2017 Warm welcome to Athul R Vijayan

A warm welcome to the new member joining our lab: PhD-student Athul R Vijayan from the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Mohali. [more]

16.05.2017 Prasads paper on the molecular characterization of ZERZAUST (ZET) is out in Development.

The Schneitz group just published a very interesting paper in Development on their finding that ZERZAUST, another genetic component of the SUB signaling network, encodes a cell wall-localized atypical β-1,3...[more]

07.03.2017 It is great to have Maurizio Mascarello joining the lab as a PhD student.

Maurizio Mascarello, out of University College Dublin and the University of Turin. During his PhD he will work on SUB-related signal transduction. Good luck.... [more]

19.10.2016 Cool new paper by Torres Ruiz lab published in Development

Ramons group just published a really nice paper in Development on their very unexpected and highly interesting findings demonstrating an influence of boronic acid, a competitior of the micronutrient boron, on the control of polar...[more]

04.04.2016 Welcome to Susanna Fink!

It is a great pleasure to welcome Susanna Fink to the lab. Susanna is an expert assistant with long-term experience at TUM. No doubt she will keep the administrative affairs in great order.[more]

01.10.2015 A warm welcome to Regina Hüttl, a new technician in the lab.

Regina is an experienced technician. We are thrilled to have her in the lab and help us push our science further. [more]

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