12.03.2020 Nature paper out: Mass-spectrometry-based draft of the Arabidopsis proteome. Nice contributions by Ajeet and Xia.

A Nature paper describing the Arabidopsis proteome atlas. Huge effort by Julia Mergner and coworkers from Küster lab and many members of the DFG research consortium SFB924. Ajeet and Xia provided nice and important contributions...[more]

29.01.2020 Paper by Ajeet, Xia, Jin, and Barbara published on the role of SUB signaling in cell wall sensing! Cool stuff!!

A paper describing the newly discovered and exciting role of the Arabidopsis receptor kinase STRUBBELIG (SUB), previously only known for its function in morphogenesis, in the control of cell wall integrity signaling. It got...[more]

28.10.2019 Paper by Rachele, Athul and Sebastian on deep imaging of the Arabidopsis ovule is out!

The paper describes a much improved method to deep imaging entire fixed ovules in the confocal and with cellular resolution. A successful end to a long and difficult road. It is a method paper and got published in Plant Methods....[more]

01.08.2019 Cool paper by Jin on membrane trafficking of SUB

The paper desribes the constitutive internalization process of SUB. Lays the foundation of more to come... Very meticulous work by Jin, Ajeet and Prasad and Marie-Kristin from the lab of Erika Isono. It got published in J Exp Bot.[more]

01.07.2019 Paper by Prasad on the asymmetric redundancy between ZERZAUST and ZERZAUST HOMOLOG is out!

A paper describing the curious accession-specific redundancy between ZERZAUST and its closest homolog. It was published in G3: Genes Genomes Genetics. Took quite some work by Pradad and Lynette. Congratulations.[more]

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